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March 01 2017

My page of writing and publishing resources and links
Critique of the Secular Policy Institute

February 28 2017

Health, Nutrition, and Wellness Coaching for Senior Citizens

February 22 2017

What is the meaning of chuch–what is the difference between Ekklesia and Koinonia in the Greek?

February 19 2017

Design Thinking Innovation Talk by Tim Brown CEO of IDEO at Khosla Ventures
Steal Like an Artist TED Talk
Design Thinking Talks at TED–Doing Real Problem Solving and Innovation

February 16 2017

The Best Tim Keller quotes from Prodigal God

February 15 2017

Dr. Bart Ehrman versus Dr. Daniel Wallace
Quotes on Gods Kingdom–Upside Down Kingdom Quotes

February 11 2017

Existentialism’s Critique of Fredderick Nietzsche

February 07 2017

Carl Sagan on Science and Spirituality

February 01 2017

Five Types of Critical Thinking for Business
CS Lewis on Christian Apologetics–What the Christian Faith Is and Isn’t
Top Christian Apologists on Twitter

July 03 2015

Does Christianity or atheism have the burden of proof?

July 01 2015

Criticism of Sam Harris’ View of Free Will

June 30 2015

Foundational and assumptive problems with atheist arguments
Great Links to Help Improve Public Speaking Skills

June 28 2015

Broad topic areas for philosophic investigation
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