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Emotional Intelligence Leadership Bibliography and Resources

Articles on Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence: What it is and why it matters (link)

Compassion at Work (link)

Books on Emotional Intelligence:

Emotionally Intelligent Workplace (link)

How to Be Happy at Work (link)

Other Emotional Intelligence Resources:

Article Reprints (link)

Reports (link)

More than Sound (link)

Emotional Intelligence Store (link)

Emotionally Intelligent Consortrium (link)

James Bailey

Arnauldo Comuffo

Jane Dutton

Olga Epitropaki

Cary Cherniss

Dennis Encarnation

Lynda Gratton

Margaret Hopkins

John Kotter

Kathy Kram

Peter Kuriloff

Babis Mainemelis

Tom Malnight

Janet Patti

Ken Rhee

Greg Shea

Kenwyn Smith

Robert Stern

Scott Taylor

Susan Wheelan

Jane Wheeler



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