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June 10 2017

Articles on the problem of evil and suffering–A Bibliography

May 31 2017

Spiritual Calling and Christian Strengths and Bibliography
Raymond Tallis’ Critique of Neuro-scientific Reductionism

May 24 2017

Christian, Biblical, and Small Group Coaching Questions from Tim Keller

May 18 2017

36 Bible Verses on the Purposes of Suffering

May 10 2017

Best Southern Food Restaurants in Nashville, TN

May 09 2017

Bible Verses on Christian Virtue, Leadership, and Wisdom

May 07 2017

Top Christian Philosophers, Apologists, and Public Intellectuals

April 30 2017

The Most Inspiring Online Commercial

April 20 2017

Key Christian Apologetics, Philosophy, and Worldview Questions

April 16 2017

The Christian Values of Alexander Solzhenitzyn

April 03 2017

Shawn Anchor on Happiness: Habits, Science, Research, Meaning, and Purpose

March 30 2017

Who saw Jesus after he resurrected from the dead? Did any groups see Jesus beside the 500?
Teaching for Transformation Model of Christian Education

March 27 2017

What would CS Lewis say to Richard Dawkins and the New Atheists
What would CS Lewis say to the New Atheists?

March 22 2017

What Judeo Christian values was America founded on?

March 15 2017

Team Rules, Values, and Good Sportsmanship Defined by Coach Wooden
The Wisdom of Dorothy Day on Poverty and Social Justice

March 02 2017

Best Quotes from Stoic Philosophers
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